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LeBron James not motivated by facing trash-talking Nuggets in season opener

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James spoke to the press on Saturday after one of the final training camp practices prior to Tuesday's season opener at Denver Nuggets and claimed he is not motivated by facing the team that elimated them in the Western Conference Finals last year.

James, 38, explained how he no longer finds motivation in facing a certain team or player and that the only inspiration to perform comes from within him.

Rare footage of LeBron James dominating high school footballParker Johnson

"I don't get motivated against [who] the opponents [are] pretty much anymore," James said. "I don't need it. I don't want to say I don't get motivated to play, because I do get motivated to go against the competition, I love competing against the best.

"But I don't need an individual or a team to motivate me. I'm self-motivated. I'm enough."

Nuggets' trash-talk starts with head coach Mike Malone

Nuggets head coach Michael Malone has been the frontrunner in the team's trash-talking campaign against the Lakers, which started in the playoffs last season.

Malone, 52, hit out at the media multiple times for not covering the Nuggets as much as the Lakers despite them winning the NBA championship.

James clapped back several times, as well, but has now seemingly turned the page on last season's beef with the Nuggets.

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