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UFC 294: Paulo Costa gets himself into a massive brawl with fans in Abu Dhabi

Dana White was also livid after finding out Paulo Costa had to go through an elbow surgery just weeks before UFC 294. But what he did during the event on the octagon's sidelines will definitely count as one more strike from the company. We've all seen Costa's elbow and how gruesome the injury is but that wasn't going to stop Chechen fans at the event from trying to get under his skin. As expected, Paulo Costa got himself in a brawl with some fans who were heckling him and fell for the trap. Dana White always tells his fighters that they need to maintain a level of pro athlete focus during these events, especially with hecklers. But Costa didn't listen, he still got entangled in this brawl that got pretty massive during the event.

Paulo Costa did not fight in the octagon at UFC 294, but did so in the standsRoberto Ortega

The exact moment Paulo Costa lost it with the fans

The moment Paulo Costa lost his cool with the fans was right as the Khamzat Chimaev vs Kamaru Usman fight was about to start. With a camera placed right in front of him, most fans at the arena jeered him as he told them to shut up. Right after that, a video from the crowd of Costa punching a fan who had just flew into the sidelines trying to punch him got viral quickly. Costa even reposted the video but in slow motion as a taunt to everybody who kept on heckling him at the venue. Needless to say, there was a lot of security involved in the incident at the event and they took the fan who tried to punch Costa out of the arena. It's too early to tell what Dana White could do to the Brazilian but we'llfind out during the press conference.

Paulo Costa kept on taking the whole incident as a joke as he also wrote he was part of the fighting event after all. By the time he recovers from the elbow injury, we will have to see who Dana White puts him against amid this recent development. Costa knew he would be heckled by fans who heavily favored Khamzat Chimaev in Abu Dhabi, especially due to the buildup leading up to this event. It always seems that no matter the day, Costa has a way to get quickly into trouble with anybody. How will Dana White handle this incident?

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