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'Battle of aliens': Wemby vs. Chet, best moments of freak spectacle NBA fans were craving

The San Antonio Spurs took on the Oklahoma Thunder on Tuesday night in a highly anticipated NBA In-Season Tournament clash. The first ever Victor Wembanyama versus Chet Holmgren battle dissapointed when it came to personal stats, but the Top-2 rookies in the nation put on a show at times, starting with the tip-off.

Victor Wembanyama crowns himself with a bold new nicknameParker Johnson

The game itself was dissapointing for neutral fans, as it became clear quickly that OKC would take the win. While Wemby slightly 'won' the stat battle against Holmgren, Oklahoma took the victory in a brutal 123-87 blowout.

Victor Wembanyama ended the night with 8 PTS (0 in 2nd half), a career high 14 REB, 2 AST, 2 BLK and dismal 4/15 FG shooting. Meanwhile, Chet Holmgren's night wasn't better: 9 PTS, 7 REB, 3 AST, 1 BLK with 3-10 shooting.

The Thunder's Chet Holmgren tries to dribble past the Spurs Victor Wembanyama in their first ever regular season matchup.

The Thunder's Chet Holmgren tries to dribble past the Spurs Victor Wembanyama in their first ever regular season matchup.

These were the flashiest moments both the 7'1 and 7'4 young stars gave us throughout the night:

Incredible Wemby vs. Chet tip-off to start game

(Q1 - 12:00) A few photographers in the building caught an incredible angle of the game's first quarter tip-off, which featured the 7-foot-plus rookies. Despite their three-inch height difference, the giants reached for the ball evenly. It was actually Holmgren that won the tip-off, and the Thunder got the ball.

Wembanyama's flashy move after Holmgren gamble

(Q1) The first big play of the night had Wembanyama showing up Holmgren. The Thunder's rookie gambled by going for the steal, and left Wemby all alone to dribble behind the back and make his way to the basket for the jam.

Holmgren slams it after incredible pass by Giddey

(Q2: 00:02) Incredible sequence by Josh Giddey and Chet Holmgren. The Australian guard starts a breakway play just before the halftime buzzer. Giddey's fake move is topped off by a pass to an incoming Holmgren, who slams it with authority.

Rejection! Wembanyama swats Holmgren at the rim

(Q4) With the game out of reach, Victor Wembanyama made a terrific defensive play just as Chet Holmgren was attacking the rim. The Thunder rookie got blind-sided by the Frenchman, and then looked at the refs expecting a foul call.

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