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Checo Perez reveals what his relationship with Christian Horner is like

The 2024 F1 season for Checo Perez has had his most up-and-down year since he became a Red Bull driver, something that has undoubtedly earned him praise, but also criticism from experts, drivers, ex-drivers and the press.

His own team has also been involved, with Max Verstappen and team boss Christian Horner having to come to the defense of the Mexican in recent times.

That is why Sergio Perez is asked about the relationship with one of the most important names in F1, and who is his boss.

And it is known of the demands he has placed on him as one of the leading figures in motorsport, not to mention Red Bull Racing. The Guadalajara-born driver was honest when speaking about Christian Horner.

"He has been the person who has supported me the most," Perez declared.

Sergio Perez, who is in his 13th season in a row in Formula 1 makes no secret of the fact he has been helped by Horner. He has found in the team boss not only a leader, but also a person in whom he has support.

Sergio Perez is aiming for the runner-up position... but next year he wants to be champion

The Mexican could be crowned at the Las Vegas Grand Prix as the best second driver in all of F1, despite the criticism, and despite the fight that Lewis Hamilton has given him in recent races.

The Mexican has 258 points, while the Briton has 226 in third place in the drivers' standings.

Although his teammate Max Verstappen has already clinched his third world championship, Checo hopes that next season his car will not make any mistakes, nor will he, and with that he will be able to get back to thinking about the F1 world championship.

"That will be the goal next year. To be champion. We are going to fight for it once again and I hope it will be a fight from start to finish and that we can learn from what we did this season," he said.

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