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Chris Russo hit out at Travis Kelce over trip to Argentina to see Taylor Swift

Sports commentator Chris Russo has criticized Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce for his recent trip to Argentina to see Taylor Swift perform during the bye week.

Russo compared Kelce's decision to the infamous 2017 Miami trip of Odell Beckham Jr. and his Giants teammates before a playoff loss.

He argued that Kelce's priorities were misplaced, particularly considering the Chiefs' upcoming game against the Eagles, which they lost.

"How about Travis Kelce? You're going to Argentina - during your bye week!" Russo noted.

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"It's 5,600 miles away from Kansas City. And then he goes out there on Monday night, he drops a huge pass on fourth-and-2, he commits a hold and he fumbles!

"You're bouncing around the world with Taylor Swift, I mean my god, you're a football player. You should be at workouts and practicing.

"Swift in February, fine. Not in November!"

Critical of their relationship

Kelce defended his actions, stating that he was trying to balance a new relationship. This isn't the first time Russo has criticized the publicized relationship between Kelce and Swift, previously expressing disbelief about Swift sitting with Kelce's family during an early stage of their relationship in September.

"And who takes their girlfriend two minutes into a relationship to visit mommy and daddy? Nobody does that!" Russo wondered

"Then we have to show them walking out. And that, all of a sudden she's a big Kansas City Chiefs fan? She's never heard of Lenny Dawson! Oh my God!"

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