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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay suffers social media meltdown, threatens to sue ESPN

Jim Irsay is not a man who takes criticism very well, as evidenced by his most recent tirade on his X account, where he threatened to sue ESPN. The owner of the Indianapolis Colts showed the most irascible side of him in his response to comments on the sports network's show First Take.

First Take commentator Chris Russo referred to an interview Irsay gave to HBO'sReal Sports, where he said his 2014 arrest in Indiana was due to alleged bias against "white billionaires."

In this regard, Russo assured that when the police arrested him more than nine years ago, "He had a lot of drugs in the car, $29,000 in cash," and that was what angered Irsay.

"1st take, your gonna get your ass Sued, because there was NO Alcohol, No illegal Drugs/$29,000 dollars is low for me to be carrying in, 2014 arrest," claimed Irsay on his X account.

Irsay says he is mistreated by the media

Even before his episode against First Take, Irsay had already claimed that he felt treated with "mean-spirited contempt" by Bryan Grumbel on Real Sports.

Russo also had some words for this statement: "What he says HBO (did), I pay no attention to him because I don't take him seriously ... I think he's a fool, so I try not to pay too much attention. "

The commentator was blunt in pointing out that he does not consider Irsay "a legitimate owner" of an NFL team. "I look at him as a lucky owner," he assured. "He (Irsay) got the team because his father had the team,"Russo recalled.

Jim Irsay responded to the comments

However, Irsay is not one to remain silent, as he also responded to the latter by stating that "I worked for my living / bought 30% of the Colts Bank Loan."

He claimed that his grandparents came to the United States escaping from Jewish concentration camps and, for some reason, he remembered that his brother and sister died in a car accident in 1971.

Irsay's visceral attitude is a constant headache not only for him but for the Colts and even the NFL.

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