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Josh Giddey's alleged relationship with minor to be fully investigated by NBA officials

Ever since the Josh Giddey alleged relationship with a minor leaked online, there had been mostly radio silence from major players in sports media and the NBA themselves. The player recently refused to comment on the issue when asked by some members of the press. However, one of the most involved media outlets in the NBA just reported that the league will look further into this. With the noise too loud to stay silent for much longer, the NBA had to make some type of pronunciation on the matter. What Josh Giddey is being accused of consitutes a potential crime and there has to be an investigation. The league needed to wait some time in order to arrive at this decision becuase the online chatter was simply too incendiary to control.

OKC Thunder star Josh Giddey responds to recent allegations for allegedly dating underage girlRoberto Ortega

According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, the NBA is officially starting a full investigations into the serious accusations against Giddey. League spokesman Mike Bass said that they will look deeper into the allegations that Josh Giddey had an inappropriate relationship with a minor. Until that investigation is concluded, the league can make a decision about the player's future. But meanwhile, they can't really do anything because he needs to go through a due process and wait until he is found either guilty or innocent of these allegations. It is still unclear how ling this inveatigation will take but the league is already getting criticized for how long they took to respond.

Josh Giddey's demeanor when he spoke about the issue on Friday

Although he refused to comment on the issue when reporters asked him about it, we can all see Josh Giddey does look tense when responding to these allegations. It is almost certain that his lawyers have instructed him to not comment on the issue at all because he may be liable if he says something that can incriminate him. For now, we need to wait and see what the investigation concludes. But we will also have our eyes peeled for stories from other major media outlets that could have more thorough information on what is taking place. the next few days will be incredibly tense for Oklahoma City Thunder fans and Josh Giddey himself.

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