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Josh Giddey's viral scandal: Oklahoma star speaks for the first time in public

The level of trolling from people online against Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey has been non-stop over accusations and allegations that haven't been confirmed yet. His team did allow him to attend Friday's training session, which is already a sign that they are backing their player through all of this. On Wednesday evening, a series of videos and photos leaked online with Josh Giddey spending time with a young woman who is unofficially identified as Livv Cook on Snapchat. According to the person who leaked the content, Cook is a 15-year-old minor. In one of the videos, Giddey refers to her as his girl. She is in one of the pictures as well but the most incriminating picture is a woman who doesn't look like Cook. Many have figured that this picture was planted on purpose. However, the videos and the other picture where Giddey appears do call for a more thorough investigation.

Damning videos suggest Josh Giddey maintained a sexual relationship with an underage girl

Josh Giddey speaks to the press for the first time

On the day of the OKc's practice, Josh Giddey did speak to the media for a brief moment. OKC media member Rylan Stiles posted two videos where the media presses Giddey about the situation. He first said: "I understand the question obviously but there is no further comment right now. I get the question guys and I completely understand you want to know about it but just for right now, I don't have anything to say." Coach Mark Daigneault was also asked about it and he said it's a personal matter he is not going to comment on. But as previously said, Oklahoma City Thunder already made a statement by allowing Giddey to be part of Friday's session.

A second incriminating video of Cook and Giddey also leaks

There is another video of the young women Livv Cook, that may or may not be incriminating against the Australian OKC player. She appears mentioning Giddey's first name but she doesn't mention the last name. The alleged minor says:"He guys, I dated Josh but we don't have to talk about it." Despite the video that people are saying is the final nail on Giddey's coffin, it is still not enough evidence to prove these accusations are accurate or true. Until we get more information from the player hmself, there is no way of knowing if he is guilty of anything. What ever the case may be, this situation has already affected both Giddey and Cook's lives forever.

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