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Angel Reese tries to give her dog a kiss with her tongue, and some dog lovers think she took it too far

Angel Reese recently shared a playful moment with her dog during her return to Baltimore, showcasing the special bond they share. However, the innocent gesture sparked discussions among followers. Some interpreted the interaction as an attempt to share a kiss with the dog, leading to diverse opinions.

Decide: did Angel Reese take the kiss with her dog too far?

Animal lovers argue that it's normal for humans and dogs to show affection, while others express concerns about the potential health implications for both parties.

In the video, she can be seen gently shaking her dog's head, revealing the affectionate and lighthearted interaction between them. Reese's love for her furry friend is evident, and the video resonated with fans on social media.

The video highlights the ongoing debate about the boundaries of interaction between humans and animals, sparking conversations about what is considered acceptable in terms of affection and playfulness.

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