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Patrick Mahomes explains his rage over Kadarius Toney error

Kansas City Chiefs may have come away with the win after they beat the New England Patriots on Sunday, but it wasn't without it's controversy.

One of the most tense moments of the Chiefs' season became evident as star man and quarterback Patrick Mahomes was seen furiously sulking on the sideline.

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It came in reaction to receiver Kadarius Toney dropping the ball in the latest high-profile blunder.

Explaining his frustration, Mahomes expressed that it was out of concern for his defensive teammates.

"I think the biggest part is you're frustrated because you're putting the defense in a bad position," he said as he spoke on Kansas City's 610 Sports Radio show "The Drive".

"I had two interceptions, both of them put the defense in short fields and they were able to hold them to a field goal on one of those.

"It's hard whenever a defense is playing that well to give the offense a short field.

"You want to make sure that even if you don't have success as the offense, you want to make sure you're backing their offense up and giving the defense the full field to work with."

In defense of Toney

Despite the mistake from the 24-year-old receiver, the Chiefs went on to win 27-17 and Mahomes insisted that he still believes in Toney.

"I was frustrated at the interception and doing that to our defense when they really played a great second half," he reflected.

"You keep believing in him, man. I think that's the biggest thing with anything in sports or in life. Mistakes happen.

"I'm not always perfect. I have a lot of interceptions this year and I think it's something where you just got to keep believing cause I know the guys believe in me and I keep firing."

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