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Bill Belichick isn't expected to make New England Patriots exit simple

The impending divorce between the New England Patriots and their longtime head coach, Bill Belichick, appears to be heading towards an acrimonious split, adding to the challenges faced by team owner Robert Kraft, who is keen on restoring the Patriots to contender status after a disappointing season.

Rumors about Belichick's departure have intensified, fueled by the Patriots' struggles that will see them miss the playoffs for the third time in four seasons.

Bill Belichick reacts to Mac Jones interception: he can't take it any moreParker Johnson

Speculation is rife that this may mark Belichick's final year with the franchise. According to insights from Boston Sports Journal's Greg Bedard, individuals within the organization believe it's unlikely that the legendary head coach would agree to a trade and are skeptical about the possibility of a harmonious resolution with Kraft.

Patriots and Belichick heading for tense stalemate

While Belichick might entertain the idea of a well-crafted press release announcing an amicable parting of ways, Bedard asserts that the likelihood is strong that it will ultimately be framed as a termination.

NBC Sports' Tom Curran suggests that the decision may have been solidified after the Patriots' 10-6 loss to the Colts in Germany on Nov. 12. Conversations during that week hinted at a predetermined course of action, with a parting of the ways at the end of the season deemed inevitable for various reasons.

With one year remaining on Belichick's contract, there is speculation that the 71-year-old coach could be traded to a team in need of his services. However, Bedard's sources cast doubt on this possibility, suggesting that Belichick may not agree unless there are adjustments to his existing contract.

Kraft had previously identified linebackers coach Jerod Mayo as the "heir apparent," but alternative names like Titans coach Mike Vrabel have also surfaced as potential replacements for Belichick.

The Patriots find themselves amid a gloomy atmosphere, compounded by a dismal 3-10 season and a swirling rumor mill. ESPN's Dan Graziano characterizes the team environment as "glum" and "depressing" in recent weeks, reflecting the challenges faced by the organization amidst the uncertainties surrounding Belichick's future.

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