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Draymond Green: set to lose six figures per game

Golden State Warriors' star forward, Draymond Green, finds himself in uncertain territory as the length of his indefinite suspension remains undefined.

The financial stakes are high though, with Green set to lose $153,941 per game if the suspension spans fewer than 20 games and a more substantial $202,922 per game if it extends beyond that mark.

Green was sent off in the third quarter of the Warrior's119-116 loss to the Suns after striking Jusuf Nurki in the face during an inbound play.

While Green has emphasized he intended to draw a foul call instead of hitting Nurki, he admitted to offering his apology to the player even though he is "not one to apologize" for things he meant to do.

Dumars: Indefinite means get yourself right

The suspension follows Green's third ejection of the season, a consequence of an on-court altercation with Phoenix Suns'Jusuf Nurkic.

Despite Green's insistence that he didn't intend harm, the NBA is prioritizing his mental and emotional well-being over a fixed number of games.

NBA executive Joe Dumars defended the gravity of an open-ended suspension, stating: "A lot of times people get caught up in the number, like 'What's the number?' We didn't want to do that,"Dumars said on ESPN's "First Take".

"What we wanted to do was, we knew there would be some level of punishment, but we didn't want that to be the focus. We wanted the focus to be on how can we help Draymond as well. We thought indefinite was the best way to do that so people don't get caught up on, 'The number, is it too low? Is it too high?'

"Indefinite means get yourself right. We want to see you at your best and the best way for you to do that is to get yourself mentally and emotionally back to where you need to be."

Green's suspension isn't just a matter of missed games; it comes with a hefty financial burden for both the player and the Warriors.

Green's response amid suspension turmoil

Despite the financial hit and uncertain timeline, Green appears to be handling the situation with an understanding of the gravity of the incident according to the Warriors' general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr.

According to press reports, Dunleavy has stated that Green will remain connected to the team throughout the suspension and that the team will not look to send the player off, but rather offer any help he needs to avoid further incidents in the future.

As the Warriors navigate this period, the team's ability to adapt and overcome challenges will be closely scrutinized, offering a test of resilience for both player and franchise.

The Warriors have a 2-5 record in seven games played without Green in the lineup this season.

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