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Ja Morant's father reveals the reason his son hasn't removed anybody from his inner circle

Ja Morant seems to be taking his return to the NBA after that 25-game ban very seriously, the Memphis Grizzlies struggled during the first quarter of the season without him and are 2-0 since his return. Amongst the topics of conversation surrounding him is the circle of friends he hangs out with on a constant basis. Ja Morant's critics believe the bad decisions he made that led to the suspension were partly due to the influences he keeps in his inner circle. But for his father, Tee Morant, that is definitely not the case. In fact, he just revealed Ja Morant hasn't cut anybody from his friends because he feels there is no reason to do so.

JA Morant was welcomed back after 25 game suspension by th Memphis Grizzlies

Ja's father was on SiriusXM talking about his son's comeback tour and specifically mentioned this. He said: "We got the same circle. We got the same circle. ... It's always funny that people want you to change your circle even if, like, he don't have no killers around him. He's got educated people around him. But everyone else thinks, 'Okay, this person is this, this person is that.' No! Everybody knows their task. It was a bad decision. But it wasn't a crime."

Should Memphis Grizzlies fans be worried about Ja Morant?

Only time will tell if this decision to keep all his friends was the right one, although Ja Morant may worry many of the Memphis Grizzlies fans who believe many of these friends are a bad influence for him. Thus far, Morant has been focusing on his game and his family life. But we never know wht may happen in the coming months amid his return to basketball. If he continues winning games for Memphis, trying to keep that same atmosphere for the rest of the season will be priority No. 1 for both Ja and the Grizzlies leadership.

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