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Jake, Logan Paul vs. Andrew, Tristan Tate: PFL offers $10 million to each fighter

Jake and Logan Paul responded to Andrew Tate's claim that he and his brother Tristan would beat the YouTube brothers in a cage match. PFL would reportedly offer each fighter $10 million to make the mixed martial arts fight happen.

Well, at least according to Jake, who is the face of PFL and de facto owner. If he says that's the amount, then nobody can say otherwise. Twenty million dollars might be too much money for the Tate brothers to reject.

Jake Paul Andrew Tate face off as they tease a possible fight

Andrew, a former kickboxing champion, recently made an appearance on George Janko podcast and said he would bet on him and his brother to beat the Pauls.

"You know what, I'm trying so hard not to start internet beef, I'm really trying not to," Andrew said. "I'm trying to live peacefully but of course, I have absolute faith in myself and my brother. I know we've been through it and I know the kind of men we are."

Logan Paul calls out Tristan Tate

One day after Jake knocked out Andre August in the first round of a boxing match, he offered the Tate brothers $20 million to fight him and Logan, who went after Tristan.

"Andrew is a fighter, a legitimate bada-- motherf---er with a strong mentality," Logan said. "I'm sorry, but Tristan Tate is a weak link. He has a bad shoulder and is shaped like a gingerbread man."

Jake then said PFL would set it up and each fighter will take $10 million home despite the result. Logan then added they are even willing to travel to Romania for the bout.

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