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WWE's Liv Morgan arrested in Florida for weed possession, mugshot gets her cat called

WWE star Liv Morgan's mugshot started flooding the internet after she was arrested for possession of marijuana ths past week. The Florida Police Department got her charged after getting stopped on her jeep in Sumter County last Thursday. A sheriff's deputy pulled her over after she was seen driving erratically over the white and yellow lines. According to the folks at TMZ, the deputy smelled week as soon as he approache dMorgan's vehicle and conducted a search over this. The cop that pulled Morgan over found a small bag of weed and a vape pen that contained an oil-like substance that was later discovered to have THC in it as well.

WWE's Liv Morgan arrested in Florida for weed possessionTwitter

Is weed illegal in the state of Florida?

Although there are already many states in the country that have decriminalized marijuana, the state of Florida is definitely not one of them. Liv Morgan was quickly arrested and booked into the Sumter County Jail for possession of cannabis with 20 grams or less. Plus, she was released after posting a $3,000 bond. Morgan is currently a Raw Superstar and a former Smackdown Women's Champion. this incident is unlikely to affect her career in any way. The two-time Women's Tag Team WWE Champion did get her mugshot leaked on the internet though.

Fans and Twitter users alike were quick to point out how beautiful Liv Morgan looks despite not wearing any make up and potentialy being under the influence of a substance. The WWE Superstar began getting cat called online for "looking even hotter' in her mugshot than in real life. Many started questioning reality and asking themselves how that is even remotely possible. Some folks are more blessed than others and Liv Morgan knows all about this. Take a look at her mugshot and you be the judge.

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