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Logan Paul reveals just how wealthy Patrick Mahomes truly is after meeting him

WWE star and Youtuber Logan Paul has been expanding his PRIME Energy Drink empire by signing many of the biggest athletes in the world. Both he and KSI are partners in this venture and they have already made links with some of the biggest European football clubs in the world as well. One of their most recent signings is none other than Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Five days ago, he closed a deal with PRIME with no figures of this contract revealed to the public. Mahomes adds his name to a list of prestigious athletes such as Erling Haaland, Alexander Volkanovski, or Israel Adesanya among others.

Patrick Mahomes made Logan Paul feel poor with this immeasurable flex

Logan Paul talked about the achievement on his latest episode of IMPAULSIVE'. He shared a story of Patrick Mahomes' latest acquisition, which is the latest Rolls Royce model called 'Spectre'. This is what Logan Paul said on his program: "PRIME signed Pat Mahomes. He's a gem, I don't know how else to say it. Such a sweet, down to earth, humble human being. I know he made a lot of money because he has this new Rolls (Royce), the 'Spectre'. And I was like 'This is crazy! How much is this?'. And he goes 'I don't know'. And afterwards I found out that his contract was $500 million for 10 years. I said wow."

How much is the Rolls Royce Spectre worth?

Rolls royce has been one of the most luxurious car brands to have ever existed, their latest model is the company's first-ever electric car. It's the 2024 Spectre and it's base model will set ou back a cool $420,000. Although there are models that cost way more and have many more features. Logan Paul is also filthy ritch but Patrick Mahomes is definitely on another level.

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