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Ohtani breaks the MLB's highest-paid players rankings: He almost doubles No. 2!

Shohei Ohtani is getting a total of $700 million to play for Los Angeles Dodgers over the nxt 10 years. That makes him, effectively the player with the most expensive contract in not only MLB but all of sports. Golfer John Rahm did get $500 million for 5 years at LIV Golf but his contract is worth less than Shohei on paper. As part of the agreement, Shohei Ohtani agreed to get paid over a larger period of years than the decade he agreed to play for. That effectively secures he will get paid somewhere in the realm of $30 million per annum during 25 straight years. Ohtani chose this because he reportedly wants the Didgers to keep building a team around him. As if the Dodgers didn't already have one of the best rosters in the league. But in Major League Baseball, where does Ohtani rank amongst the highest-paid?

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Revised list of the MLB's highest-paid players, with Ohtani

Ohtani's contract is almost doble than No. 2 highest-paid player, Mike Trout. The American slugger signed a deal for $426.5 million over a period of 12 years. Ranking third, we have Mookie Betts with a $356 million contract over 12 years that he signed with the Dodgers in 2020. Aaron Judge ranks fourth with a 9-year contract for $360 million right after setting the AL home run record with the New York Yankees. In fifth place, Manny Machado has a $350 million contract for 11 years. Back in 2021, sixth place Francisco Lindor signed a 10-year contract with the New York Mets for $341 million.

In seventh place, Fernando Tatis Jr. ranks with a 14-year contract for $340 million that he signed in 2021. Bryce Harper has a $330 million contract for 13 years that he signed for the Philadelphia Phillies. The Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton to sign a $325 million contract for the next 13 years in 2014. At the time, Stanton had become the highest-paid player. How times have changed. Rounding up the No. 10 on the list, we have Corey Seager's $325 million 10-year contract he signed with the Texas Rangers in 2021. Ohtani leaves all of these players biting the dust. Comparisons of his contract can only happen with players from other sports, not MLB.

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