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Paige Spiranac invites you to make money with a video and her fans give her some unimaginable advice

Paige Spiranac, recognized for her presence in the world of golf and her interactions on social media, recently shared a video on her X platform titled "Drive for show, putt for dough", inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the world of golf and discover strategies to make money.

In this video, Spiranac encourages his audience to explore innovative ways to generate income through golf. However, what caught the attention was the response from her followers, who offered unexpected and creative suggestions on how the golfer could further capitalize on her popularity in the sport.

Among the tips highlighted is the proposal to start a "Professional Bikini Golf League", suggesting calling it the "No Collar Tour".

Additionally, on a more unusual note, one of the tips suggested exploring the relationship between golf and climate change, alluding to the "reason behind global warming."

These crazy and out-of-the-ordinary comments triggered a mix of reactions among Spiranac's followers, from amusement to perplexity at the eccentricity of the advice.

This interaction between Paige Spiranac and her followers shows the diversity of opinions and creativity that can arise around the golfer's public figure.

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