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Shohei Ohtani has reportedly chosen the Toronto Blue Jays as his next destination

The Shohei Ohtani mania is moving to Toronto to play for the Blue Jays, according to the folks from Dodgers Nation. Yes, Los Angeles Dodgers were the other competitor that had the chance to take Ohtani to their ranks but the Blue Jays apparently made the better offer. The two-way super star had today to make an announcement and take his pick, which may be one of the most significant transfers in MLB history. Any team that took Ohtani would be secured with hundreds of home runs and strikeouts for many years to come. Shohei is just starting to build his legendary career and the recent injury he suffered was only a minor set back. Nobody has doubts on how much impact Ohtani will have in Major League Baseball over the next decade.

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Conflicting reports on Shohei Ohtani's Blue Jays arrival

Despite this report from the Dodgers Nation website, there are conflicting reports that contradict this news. According to Sportsnet's Ben Nicholson, Ohtani still hasn't made a decision and the Didgers remain as another option for the Japanese phenom. Alongside the Blue Jays, those are the only two options left but a final decision needs to happen. Multiple reports suggest Ohtani will make an announcement on Friday and not later than that. It will all depend on the final decision Shohei Ohtani makes in terms of the contract and specifications. Despite all the contradicting reports, itis believed the Blue Jays have made Ohtani an offer he can't refuse.

What ever he decides to do next, it is a certainty that Shohei Ohtani will get paid more than the $426.5 12-year deal Mike Trout signed with the Angels. The initial approach from the Blue Jays wasn't what Ohtni expected but they have been improving it consistently. Over the next few hours, we will get to see whether the Dodgers Nation report is true or not.

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