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Skip Bayless destroys LeBron James with Michael Jordan comparisons: What a lifeless, heartless defensive effort

After a 124-108 defeat to the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were subject to harsh criticism, but none more so than that from pundit Skip Bayliss.

Bayliss has heavily criticized the team for their reaction to the in-season tournament, and did not hold back after this loss.

LeBron James surprises the NBA with his rare and spectacular three-pointersYouTube

"LeBron got off to a hot front-running, hot-dogging start - and even tried to throw it to himself off the backboard and dunk it. That failed," he posted on X.

"That seemed to inspire the home team. Now it's 19-12 Bulls ... without Zach LaVine.

"What a lifeless, heartless defensive effort by LeBron's Lakers in Chicago, losing 124-108, allowing 18 threes to a not-very-good shooting team.

"Somewhere, Michael Jordan is rolling his eyes, if not chuckling.

"LeBron's Lakers are now 1-4 since winning their 'championship.'

"Now they go to Minnesota and to OKC ... the teams with the West's two best records. Congrats, King. Raise that banner."

Imagining Jordan's view on the in-season tournament

In another post where the comparisons continued, he continued to compare LeBron to Jordan and what he would've made of the competition.

"What would Michael Jordan's reaction be to the In-Season Tournament in his day? He would've said, "that's cute" and won it every single year," he said in another post on X.

"Michael Jeffrey Jordan would have said to the Chicago Bulls: 'Over my dead body will you raise a banner for an In-Season Tournament.' The Lakers are going to raise a banner," Bayless added on "The Skip Bayless Show".

"I don't like it. I appreciated that LeBron rallied his troops, kept them together, led them to win games that other teams weren't that serious about early on in the group play."

The Lakers won the inaugural in-season tournament against the Indiana Pacers, but have been in poor form since then.

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