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Rape scandal: Serious allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo

The five-time world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has to defend himself in the US against the charge of rape. The US-American Kathryn Mayorga sued the superstar, who allegedly raped her in a hotel suite in Las Vegas in 2009, according to Spiegel magazine.

The news magazine already reported on the allegations in June 2017 on the basis of leaked documents. Ronaldo is said to have agreed with Mayorga that she is silent for a payment of $ 375,000 over the said night.

This out of court settlement is now challenged by Mayorga's lawyer in Nevada. He apparently relies on a document in which the night is portrayed from Ronaldo's point of view. "She has repeatedly said no and stop," the Portuguese should have explained in it.

CR7 denies allegations

In the "mirror" Mayorga accuses Ronaldo of having raped her anally. He then asked if she was in pain. "He dropped to his knees and said, '99 percent of me, I'm a good guy, I do not know what's with that one percent.'"

An investigation report of the following day stated that Mayorga showed swelling and "a lacerated wound" in the anal area.

Ronaldo denies the allegations vehemently and claims that the sex was consensual.

A letter from Ronaldo's German lawyer, Christian Schertz, is available at the Reuters news agency. The lawyer announces that they want to sue the magazine for damages.
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