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Usain Bolt leaves Australian football club

Usain Bolts dream of a contract in professional football has shattered for the time being. The ex-sprint star finishes his short appearance in Australia.

The eight-time sprint Olympic champion from Jamaica and the Australian first division Central Coast Mariners have not agreed despite a contract offer from the club, the negotiations were canceled on Friday.

Despite several promising potential partners, Bolt and the Central Coast's naval staff have come to the consensus that they can not agree on a deal in time, the Mariners said. Recently, there had been discussions with external donors to improve the club offer of allegedly 80,000 euros annual salary. Apparently, Bolt was asking for a $3 million contract.

"I want to thank the owners, management, staff, players and fans of the Central Coast Mariners for making me feel so welcome during my time there," said Bolt. The 100-meter world record holder, who finished his athletics career last year, has been training with the Mariners since August, making headlines in a friendly with two goals in his start-up debut.

Bolt had already spoken openly about his ambitions for a football career during his time as a sprinter. Since the end of his athletics career in 2017, the eight-time sprint Olympic champion strives for a career as a professional footballer. Some see this as pure publicity stunt, others recognize Bolt has really good skills - especially his tremendous speed.
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