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Magnus Carlsen also wins Blitz World Cup

After his triumph at the World Chess Championship, Magnus Carlsen has also been named the best Blitz Chess player - again. At the Rapid Chess World Championships, the Norwegian was only fifth.

Magnus Carlsen has defended his title at the Blitz Chess World Cup. The Norwegian World Champion won the tournament in St Petersburg, Russia, by beating the Ukrainian Anton Korobov in the 21st game.

Second was the Pole Jan-Krzysztof Duda. In Blitz, players have only three minutes to think, plus two seconds per turn played.

In the 21 rounds Carlsen remained undefeated and collected 17 points. As in normal chess, there is one half point for a win and half for a draw. Carlsen had already won the title in 2009, 2014 and 2017.

At the World Chess Championship with normal time to think Carlsen had defeated in November Fabiano Caruana. Because there were twelve draws in twelve games, the winner was played in a tie-breaker in a fast-chess tournament. Carlsen won this 3-0.

At the Rapid World Championship, which had previously been played in St. Petersburg, Carlsen was fifth. Daniil Dubov secured the title in the discipline where players have a maximum of 60 minutes to think.
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