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The most unbelievable reason yet: Blaming poor organisation of the UCL final... on Benzema!

Unfortunately, it is not only on the field of play that people throw the blame around and after the chaos surrounding the Champions League final, many are looking for answers.

When there is a serious organisational failure on the part of UEFA or on the part of a country like France, some people's flag-waving impedes them from a self-critical analysis of the reality and they look for other culprits to blame.

This is what has happened among some French personalities linked to politics. It is difficult to understand how a player who is playing in the Champions League final can be blamed for what is happening outside because of some Parisian hooligans or Liverpool fans who have tried to climb into the stadium.

Luc Ferry, France's former education minister, jumps from the Champions League final to the Valbuena sex tape case that ended up implicating the Real Madrid player,

"The police say it's not their fault but that of the organisation," Ferry added.

"UEFA logically says the opposite. I am not a specialist in this but what really shocks me and does not prevent me from seeing the reality of this sport, football, is that it is rotten because of the money and the players who are on a pedestal.

"It's disgusting, frankly."

When pressed by the presenter on just what that had to do with the congestion chaos outside the Stade de France, attention turned to Real Madrid's forward.

"When Karim Benzema is sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence for attempted blackmail and then given the Ballon d'Or, what message do we send to these crazy fans?" he continued.

"It says that justice doesn't exist, that the police don't exist and that there are no rules and that you can be a star."

The journalist Pascal Praud also analyses it by associating the incidents with Benzema, but in an even more far-fetched manner

"Nobody has said in a meeting, watch out that Karim Benzema is on the pitch. That's the problem. Nobody has thought about that. Because if Benzema isn't there, they don't go on the pitch," Praud claimed.

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