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Messi: After this 2022 World Cup we will see what could happen with my career

Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi has discussed about the teams that he considers as favourites to win the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Argentina captain believes that Brazil and France are the main candidates to lift the trophy, also naming Germany, England and Spain as front-runners.

"The candidates are the great teams like Germany, Brazil, France, England and Spain," Messi told DirectTV.

"But if I have to choose two, Brazil and France are the major candidates for this World Cup."

Messi speaks in an interview with DirecTV

Messi is aware his compatriots in Argentina have placed their confidence in the Albiceleste to win the World Cup, but he knows it will be difficult because of the competition.

"There are many teams that want the same as us," Messi added.

"There are many that are strong. We are in a good moment as a team, as a group. People are excited, they believe that we are going to come back with the World Cup."

Regarding these last few games before the World Cup, Messi admitted that many times players may play cautiously in their bid to avoid injuries.

"It's a different World Cup, as it's played at a different time to the previous ones," Messi noted.

"We are so close that any little thing that can happen to you can leave you out. What happened to [Paulo] Dybala or [Angel] Di Maria, on a personal level, worries you, and then seeing those things makes you more afraid, in quotation marks".

The PSG forward also spoke about his professional career, being aware that it is gradually coming to the end.

"I'm lucky to be able to be at this World Cup at 35 years old," Messi declared.

"You have to be realistic. I feel very good physically, better than last year. Mentally and physically.

"Sometimes I'd like to be 25 years old and have my whole career ahead of me again.

"[My future] will depend on how I feel personally and physically above all. After this World Cup we will see what could happen with my career."

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