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Qatar wanted to buy a World Cup and FIFA sold it to them

Something must be seeping into the air conditioning ducts of the federation presidents. We have gone from RFEF president Rubiales claiming to have broken his legs as a child to FIFA president Gianni Infantino saying he was bullied at school because he had red hair and freckles.

Both arguments, moreover, had nothing to do with the central fact of his statements. In Infantino's case, he wanted to get out of the reasons for holding the World Cup in Qatar. The reason is much more straightforward than what the FIFA president wanted to explain: Qatar wanted to buy a World Cup and FIFA sold it to them. That was it. It was a commercial transaction.

It was a transaction between a body with a damaged reputation, FIFA, and a country, Qatar, about whose reputation there is no doubt: a dictatorship where human rights are conspicuous by their absence. Infantino engaged in a kind of conscience-washing - whether his own or that of FIFA as a whole is unclear - in which he wanted to put blame on the Western world for the last 3,000 years of world history. Pure nonsense, come on.

The Western umbrella

He was accompanied by his head of communications, Bryan Swanson, who declared his homosexuality. A declaration under the umbrella of the Western world, of course. Because if Swanson were to declare it in Qatar, at any other time, he would end up with the 6,500 workers exploited by the regime. The World Cup starts today. The show must go on and so does our hypocrisy.

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